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I got tagged by :iconnaomicchi-desu:! Thank you so much for the awesome time!

First, ten random facts about me(?)~

1. I suck at random facts OAO They're usually boring or repetitive~ I've noticed that when I go "random" I draw stuff symmetrically..! For example, dots tend to be equally placed. They say we have a tendency to make things symmetrical!
2. I apply the idea of Fordism to myself... For example, I just typed all the numbers in bold first, then went back to unbold the last characters, and now am typing in the facts XD
3. I'm systematic and boring. I'm very uncreative..! QmQ
4. But actually, I prefer rules and such because I think it makes the world go round lol
5. The fandoms I like are usually because of fanart and fandom (?) and not really the original series XD Except for old ones, I guess~
6. Lately, I've noticed that a lot of the stuff I like is because of nostalgia! But when I rewatch it, it gives me the creeps out and really bothers me, but I hang onto that nostalgia feeling (that's wrong!) For example, the Powerpuff Girls. How could I not be bothered by little girls punching (sometimes) innocent monkeys?!!
7. I have passed the point of 1,000 deviations! But now I'm back to only 193! (and counting!)
8. I'm a grammar nazi (mentally), but I'm not the best writer out there, so I'm really ashamed of myself (///)
9. I think ten facts is a really big number and I've already run out of ideas~
10. AAAAAH I'm usually very hysterical and crazy and my mood changes a lot because I don't know! I get angry easily and make people around me ashamed /)U///U(\ Please keep that in mind before setting a date with me~

1. Name one of your favorite typical dishes from your country (excuse me, it's lunch time now)

UH FEIJOADA mmmm gassy for the rest of the day!
2. Do you know pi's value? DON'T CHEAT TYPE IN WHAT YOU REMEMBER!!!!!! ndsjkandkasfkjndsak
3.14 22/7
3. Bacon or pancakes?
Pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't understand the obsession for bacon (I blame tumblr and Americans!)
4. What's your favourite game?
Hmmm Solitaire? I was addicted to it some time ago, but I'm good now XD Maybe Tetris? *stuff I play when I'm bored or to pass the time* Or Sudoku!
5. Did you cheat on the pi's value question? I'm watching you from your room's window <><>
Eeeeeeeep no, really!
6. Favourite ice cream flavor (?)
STRAWBERRY, especially with chocolate chippppp TT///u///TT I love chocolate mint too. And ice cream. I love ice cream. Except pistachio and other weird flavors ÒmÓ
7. I'm starving!!!!!!!!!!! What did you have as your latest meal?
"Meal"..? I just came back from a party and I ate so much! But as a "meal" meal, I had rice, cow.. muscle..?(???), brocoli with cabbage and carrot and shrimp and mushroom (shitake! I love shitake) and a boiled egg! I was really full at the end of lunch XD
8. I need to get this done asap or else I'm gonna be laaate!! What's your favourite season of the year?
Uhm I hate cold, so I guess I'll go with summer! Because we can eat ice cream and go to the pool! And it's vacation! But having to go to school in dry, hot weather really sucks...
9. Long or short nails?
SHORT! I only wear short nails except for when I'm lazy to CUT them (I don't sand(?) them because I'm too lazy) AND I love it on people, too! I used to abhor long nails LOL but I have learned to accept them /)U w U(\ But omg looking at guys' hands/// (Sturdy hands!)
10. If you could turn into an animal, what animal would you like to be?
For some reason the first "animal" that came into mind was an Emolga, but I don't want to be and Emolga... In fact, I don't like Emolga at all! I wouldn't like to be a flying squirrel... Maybe a jellyfish? Because they are eternal? XD

I-I don't wanna tag anyone because I did a tag recently..! XD *cheating*

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passando aqui pra te dar uma llama porque eu sou uma llama whore
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Thanks for faving the playful otters in  "Let's sweet talk & play fight..."     :+fav:
    :iconthankuplz: ...and thank you for sharing the enjoyment PheiChi :iconflowerthnxplz:
                               Please do keep on watching???

naomicchi-desu Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
minina o que vocÍ tŠ fazeno ////////

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desculpa /o\
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